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Lumix S9 – 5 minute thoughts

I’ve been taken a break from session recordings to focus on other hobbies, and I’m certainly not buying any more session gear. Which is a shame since Panasonic have, very sweetly, released a camera just for me. Yes, the S9 is out to, let’s say, “mixed” reviews. But for my use, it just might be… Read More »

Motu 1248: Four Year Review

To prevent excessive chopping and changing I set myself a target of keeping new toys for four years. The Motu 1248 has just reached this benchmark so, in theory, is open to be upgraded and it’s a good moment to have a retrospective. The four year target is a bit of a blunt instrument, it’s… Read More »

Recording Black Horses

The For Folk’s Sake sessions went on a long pause during the various UK lockdowns, but now things are mostly back to normal I’ve started recording again. The first person in for this new run was Basia Bartz. Basia was previously here alongside Catherine Rudie, where I was intrigued by the combination of violin with… Read More »