Zoe Konez Returns

By | 2019-09-03

I’ve just published a new session video with Zoe Konez, which you can see below.


Zoe has been in before, and although she’s not the first person to return what makes this interesting is that Zoe was the very first person to do a session with me, and comparing the two really shows the distance travelled.


The story behind the sessions project is that I was already helping out with the site, initially some gig photography and later I took on the admin for live reviews. I then had to idea to try sessions, given that I already had cameras and audio recording is something I’ve long had an observers interest in.

I emailed the site’s contributors list, which I knew contained some musicians, asking for guinea-pigs and it was Zoe (and Will) who stepped forward to take part. For that first session I really didn’t know what I was doing, I’d had a few audio production lessons with Dave Gerard some time previously, but the rest was just internet research. I did warn them that was a good chance that nothing usable would come out of it.

But in the event we got something, and obviously the production isn’t as good as recent videos, but it was good enough to publish and good enough to show to PRs, and a few of those volunteered artists and everything built from there.

The important point here is that Zoe & Will were the only people who volunteered at the start, and if they hadn’t I don’t know who else I could have asked. Without their contribution it’s entirely possible that the whole project might not have got going. For that reason I’ll always be grateful to them, and any other artist who’s been round and has benefited from this in any way should be grateful as well. Thanks both.