PC based recording using Reaper DAW. 18 microphone channels, including two channels of Focusrite ISA and eight channels of Audient. Multiple DI channels.

Condenser stage-style microphones from Neumann, ElectroVoice and Audio Technica. DPA instrument microphones with clips for guitar, violin and cello. General purpose and drum microphones from AKG, Oktava, Shure, Sennheiser and Rode.

Casio digital piano, with pedal board, used as a controller for virtual instruments including a Galaxy Vintage D (piano) and Addictive Keys Mark One (Rhodes).

For electric guitars I have a Yamaha THR10 guitar amp for performance and Amplitube for mixing.


Cameras are a mixture of Panasonic G-series 4K cameras with various lenses.

On location

For larger projects almost everything can be transported providing good access is available. I can accommodate full bands.